You Might Be a Socialist If…

Today I simply want to write something that’s been on my mind.  What’s on my mind is the subtle, evolving and promising language of “the revolution.”  I do not believe there is going to be a sudden, cataclysmic revolution (though there could be).  Rather, I […]


Socialism, The Chief Cornerstone

I was out walking this morning, cool crisp air, thinking in my mind, as the sun began to rise over Montana.  It was quiet of vehicle traffic and the birds were active, chirping and tweeting, and their songs settled on the icy roads and snow-covered […]


Real News Awards

I would love to dish on Mr. Trump, but what could I say that has not been said?  The man pains me terribly. Notwithstanding, rumor has it that Trump is going to present “Fake News” awards in the near future.  I am assuming that everything […]

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The Socialists Ten Commandments

The Socialist Ten Commandments It is not cool to use the term socialism or communism in the United States. Socialism gets a bad rap. Perhaps socialism is not cool because it’s a system that organizes society around humanity, and this, sadly, conflicts with capitalism.  At […]


Opting-out of Capitalism

I don’t agree with the notion of extractive, rogue, exploitative, degenerative capitalism. You know, advancing wars around the world to reward investors, chasing dividends. Earning a reasonable profit in a manner that is sustainable, generative, and humane, I support.  Mom and pop businesses all over […]


Resilience Thinking: Optimizing for Efficiency

I read a brilliant little book on resilience titled, “Resilience Thinking: Sustaining Ecosystems and People in a Changing World.” In this little gem of a book, Walker and Salt point out what other resilience researchers and practitioners have noted, and that is resilience thinking is […]

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On Healing

Not long ago, I sat with one of my students, wracked with pain and grief, as she sobbed tears of suffering.  I felt so deeply for her.  She was under the impression that she, and she alone, was the only one suffering in high school.  […]

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The Man in the Arena

Today, I want to share a speech that has had meaning to me for many years.  This short speech was delivered in Paris on April 23rd, 1910 by then former president Theodore Roosevelt. The speech was actually titled, Citizenship in a Republic, but later became […]

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Resilience Protective Factors 2

I agree with Buddhists and the Christians, there will be suffering in life.  The Buddha, teaching on the Four Noble truths, states in the first truth that there is suffering in life.  Christians, throughout Scripture and history, have suffered with Christ crucified. Suffering takes many […]

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Resilience Protective Factors 1

If you’ve not yet read my previous post defining what resilience is, you may want to start here. Today, I would like to write about the “ordinary magic” we may consider as it relates to resilience, especially resilience in children and students.  Remember, it’s a […]

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