Resilience Portfolio: Be Prepared for Adversity

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Resilience Portfolio: Be Prepared for Adversity

I must give credit where credit is due.  The idea of a “Resilience Portfolio” comes directly from the Life Paths Research Program.  I would definitely encourage you to take a look at their website and their work, and in particular, download their PDF, Virtues, Narrative, and Resilience.

Most of us have heard about building an economic portfolio.  The idea is to diversify our investments broadly so that if one sector or particular investment tanks, the other investments are likely okay or perhaps they even increase.  In economics it is not likely that all sectors of business and investment will decrease at one time.

The mantra of “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” holds true.

This idea of building a resilience portfolio is based on the same premise.  How do we develop now and today a broad set of resilience skills so that if and when in the future we face adversity we weather it well?

The Resilience Portfolio Model focuses on three main areas that research has shown is important in personal resilience:  regulatory strengths, interpersonal strengths, and meaning-making strengths.  In addition, the work of the Life Paths Research Program shows that resilience is not the result of just one of these strengths, but all three of them working together in combination.  They call this “poly-strength.”

I have told my children from day one that I want them to be well balanced.  I want them to have academic, physical, social, and spiritual depth.

This analogy of balance is akin to building a resilience portfolio.  When I write, I write from the perspective that we will all face adversity or are currently facing adversity.

Planning deliberately now for how we will face adversity later is a noble act, in my estimation.  I don’t think this is anything to obsess about.

Here is a quote that I recently heard and I loved it, “resilience is your daily working clothes, not your Sunday best.” (Dr. Robin White, Meridian Institute.)  What Dr. White means is that resilience is a lifestyle that we choose, a way of continually looking at the world and our place in it through a different set of lenses that, perhaps, we have not looked through before.

In today’s post, I am asking us to wear resilience clothing, daily.  To begin to think about building a resilience portfolio that is broad and allows us to face adversity well.  Life Paths gives us three areas to focus on: regulatory strength, interpersonal strength, and meaning-making strengths.

What can you do today that will begin to build a solid and diverse resilience portfolio?

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