Month: June 2016

Sitting with the Buddhists

One year ago, I found myself at Spirit Rock, an insight meditation center, for a silent week-long retreat.  The teachings of the Buddha, the practice of insight meditation, and loving-kindness meditation were central to the program I participated in. On our first day, all participants […]

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Sitting with the Communists

I have a good friend whom I hike with every so often.  My friend is a commercial airline pilot, a retired General from the United States military.  I’ll call my friend “Shane” for the purpose of this blog post. Shane is an enigma to me.  […]

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Brief Thoughts on Orlando Shooting

Did you know that there are stages of faith that we may or may not pass through during our lifetime? I share this because I used to have a very concrete, logical approach to my faith.  In fact, Scripture was the “word” of God.  Theology […]

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