Brief Thoughts on Orlando Shooting

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Faith & Wisdom

Did you know that there are stages of faith that we may or may not pass through during our lifetime?

I share this because I used to have a very concrete, logical approach to my faith.  In fact, Scripture was the “word” of God.  Theology spelled out what to believe and how to believe it.  This is all well and good until we run into real life paradoxes and contradictions in our faith.

Take homosexuality for example.  For years, I was befuddled by homosexuality and how to square real-to-life homosexuals with my faith.  What was my appropriate response, were they immoral, how could I reconcile their sexual orientation with what Scripture, the word of God revealed?

It was not until I visited Israel and saw with the eye in my heart, my soul, that theology is man’s best construct for reaching the gods, and it is all man made.  I know that God exists, but he, she is so much deeper than people realize; an infinite pool, ever present in each and every breath.

Because most churches today teach and preach to a Stage 3 level of faith, never reaching beyond these safe boundaries, the mass of Christianity (in America) today has difficulty processing homosexuality, because it does not square with the “absolute” truth of Scripture.

Here’s the thing, those who have spent years upon years researching homosexuality will tell you one thing clearly: it is not a choice.  People do not choose to be homosexuals, their sexual orientation derives from their essence; it’s who they are.

Assume with me for a moment that God transcends your theology, that ‘he’ runs at the depths of all religions and wisdom practices.  Assume further that God desires kindness to one another, the Golden Rule.

This is a long way to get at the shooting in Orlando’s Pulse LGBT nightclub.  I am not sure what my response to the shooting would have been five years ago.  Today, I simply see that human lives were needlessly ended and it’s tragic.

My fear is that some spiritual leaders of people will use this opportunity to speak of moral cleansing, rather than recognizing the moral value and worth of every human being, regardless of sexual orientation.

It’s all is grace.  Every breath, every tree dancing in the wind, every bird resting on a branch, every sunrise and sunset, every meal with family, every LGBT family and friend we have.  It’s all grace.

May we have the courage to push the boundaries of man-made theological constructs and embrace the infinite love of God, to include loving all people just as they are.

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