Barbarism, Civilization, and Modern Politics

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Divergent Thinking, Foriegn Policy

counterpunch is an online news site where I do most of my news reading.  I can’t stand reading from mainstream media these days, as it’s nearly all propaganda.

When I read news, I desire counter perspectives and divergent thought.  I can find mainstream narratives anywhere, I don’t need more of them in my life.

This said, I read an article this morning by John Grant and it’s arguably one of the best articles I have read in a long time.  The title of the article is, “Barbarism, Civilization, and Modern Politics: PTSD as a Political Football in a Hobbesian Age.”

Having retired from the fire service and knowing too well the dangers of immersing oneself into the “hyper-vigilant, hyper-masculine” culture that Grant speaks of, I can easily relate to this article.

I agree with Grant that the true warrior is the one who has the courage to question war in the first place and opts instead for family, community, and compassion toward humanity.

The foreign policy of the United States and the degree to which we wage war, both overt and covert, ought to be questioned.  Further, the underlying ideology that drives our incessant need for war, also ought to be challenged and questioned.

War hurts people.  It hurts soldiers and humans.  War hurts community, the very basis of civilization.

While the article below is long, I encourage you to read it.  It’s well thought out, well written, and spot on.

Barbarism, Civilization, and Modern Politics: PTSD as a Political Football in a Hobbesian Age

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