Why, I think, Donald Trump will be our next president

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Why do I think Donald Trump will be the next President?

In starting this blog post, I want to quickly state that I am not a Donald Trump supporter, nor will I vote for him.  But this said, I still think he’s going to be our next president.

In brief, the economic structure of the USA is based on financial capitalism, not productive capitalism, and our political and financial sectors are almost seamless; the two are one.  Further, capitalism has lost all moral imperatives, and extracts and exploits whomever and whatever stands in its way.  Rogue capitalism is a hungry machine that must eat, and with morality meaningless in the capitalist mindset, the only thing that’s going to stop neo-liberal capitalism is finite resources running dry.

Rogue, neo-liberal capitalism creates a path of destruction in its wake.  Trickle down economics is a farse, and the gap between the haves and haves not is the widest its ever been.  This is not due to taxes on business and taxing the wealthy.  Please do a quick study of Governor Sam Brownback in Kansas to see how neo-liberal, Reaganomics really plays out in everyday life.  Kansas is a mess.

In truth, many people are hurting.  They simply cannot keep up.  I’m not talking about a decrease in discretionary spending, I am talking about the the ability to buy basic necessities : food, clothing, shelter, health insurance.

As a result of the massive income inequality in our society due to capitalistic structures, those who can’t keep pace, who are struggling to live, are going to turn hard Left, or hard Right.  This is why we see Sanders and Trump’s campaigns doing so well.

Historically, any time there is a rise in the Left (socialism, communism), there is a corresponding rise in the hard Right- the fascists.  Fascism is a little tool that those who control the means of production, the super wealthy, pull out of their pocket when necessary to squash the Left uprising.

In our society today, then, there is definitely a Left rising in response to the structural limitations and lack of morality in capitalism, and this will necessitate the super wealthy, also called the “Elite,” playing their fascist card by manipulating the structures they control, i.e., mainstream media, and spending their dark money where necessary.

This, on top of the wage-slave, angry white men who are Trump’s base.  This need to suppress the “dissident” Left will be exacerbated by a very large number of former Sanders supporters bailing from the center-left Democratic Party and turning to more robust socialist political alternatives.

This unfolding will be visibly manifest at the Democratic and Republican nomination conventions this summer.

All of this is to say that, those who own the wealth in our society, the real wealth, are financially threatened by the Left because the Left advance a different form of organizing society that is not based on capital accumulation.  As rogue, extractive capitalism runs its logical course, creating wealth inequality, this causes a rise in socialistic tendencies in society.  As the Left rises, the wealthy elite will counter the Left by fanning the flames of hard right fascism.

I think the running of Donald Trump is a deliberate play to fan the flames of the hard Right, out of necessity given the natural uprising of the Left in response to the failures of financial, rogue, extractive capitalism that have become devoid of moral structures.

My opinion then, this thing that I am bumping up against, this gestalt, is that Donald Trump will be manipulated into being our next president.

Further, all across the world there is a genuine uprising of authoritarian, hyper-masculinity.  I see it everywhere.  Trump is the visible manifestation of this.  Also, with the recent passing of Brexit, this overwhelmingly offers solid support for what Donald Trump has been saying.  They just proved what Trump has been expressing.

I will not cast a vote for Hillary Clinton.  Nor am I inclined to vote for Trump, he’s pathetic in how he speaks of race and culture.  But this said, the times, this window of opportunity, favors Trump, largely due to the logical failure of unhealthy, immoral capitalism, which Marx predicted in the 1800’s, but also because the Elite control the essential structures of society.

Clearly, I don’t know who is going to be our next president, but as I try to synthesize information in my mind, this is how I sift it and where I land.


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