All Lives Matter

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I did not spend my career in law enforcement, but I did spend it in public safety via the fire department.  During my career, I had the opportunity to work closely with law enforcement over the years.

I found myself in tears yesterday on a few occasions thinking about the sniper shooting incident in Dallas that left five officers dead.

My fear is that on Thursday, July 7th a line was crossed.  It feels like war was declared on law enforcement.  I remember when Pres. Bush Jr. launched war following 9/11 and having a pit in my stomach, thinking “this can’t be good.  I have a bad feeling about this.”  I feel the same about the sniper shootings.  I have a bad feeling about this.

To be clear, black lives do matter, as do blue lives, and yellow lives, and rainbow lives.  All lives matter.  Period.

The black community has a just claim against the American law enforcement community.  Statistics bear this out.  The number of black men incarcerated and shot by police across America is obscene.  More broadly, the black community has a just claim against all of our society.

It’s one of the reasons that I cannot support Clinton.  Her hand, and her husband’s, in waging war on the black community and being too closely related to the for-profit prison systems is, in my estimation, criminal.  That she has the support of gentile blacks in the South escapes me.

We entered the Fourth Turning in 2008 (a generational turnover, so to speak) and each turnover is marked by crisis.  So here we are.  If you’re a living human being I don’t need to tell you about the crises, you can feel them.  We know it in our bones.

Problematically, those at the helm of many positions of leadership, Baby Boomers, are not equipped to deal with the crisis.  Historically, Nomads lead during crisis (Gen X) and due to the tanking of the economy in 2008, there are still too many Boomers hanging on with a death grip to their careers that they are unable to let go of.

The rant here is that the shootings in Dallas deeply saddened me because I don’t want to see our men and women in blue hurting like this.  I am also feeling a pit in my stomach knowing that a line was crossed and this has the very real potential to alter the landscape in profound ways.  The crisis will continue to escalate and, sadly, the wrong leadership is in place to navigate the stabilization process.

To wit, listen to the language, watch the body language, and observe the actions of leaders today.  We live in violent times and each action, which begets further actions and ultimately our future, is steeped in aggressiveness and war.  Watch Hillary or Trump ball their fists and pump them, lock their jaws and growl, and pontificate about being Commander in Chief.  It’s actually pretty scary.

How do we lament the deaths of our honorable law enforcement officers honestly when every action the US takes is a provocation of war or violence; it’s the culture we live in, due to the drive for more, more, more for a few, few, few.

To the degree that the economic playing field remains grossly unequal due to the greed of a few, who have the ability to shape our institutions, we can reasonably expect more acts of violence against the men and women who are the street level representatives of the machine- law enforcement.

Until the structures of society change, and we quit favoring the super wealthy at the expense of the common man, until the problem of gross unequal wealth distribution is addressed, until corporate America uncouples from establishment politics, how can we expect anything to change?

Those in the Libertarian camps and Socialist camps understand exactly what is going on, it’s just their methods of addressing the problem are varied.  But since government and wall street are one, either political camp is correct.

I salute the officers lost in the line of duty in Dallas, my heart grieves for their families. It saddens me to know that each day you are on the front lines absorbing the anger of society that is directed at the government, but not so much the government, a government that has become inseparable from Wall Street.

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