Pokemon Go

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There’s a lot going on in the world.  Shootings in Dallas.  Coup in Turkey.  Trucks into people in Nice.  More shootings in Baton Rouge.


Last week I traveled to Montana with one of my sons on a little business and a little pleasure.  My son had been playing Pokemon Go for about two days prior to our trip, he’s 18.

What I found interesting was that we noticed many people out walking around playing the game.  There were a few kids that I could tell it’s the first time they have been out walking in a long time.

People were having conversations with each other, talking about Pokemon.  If we saw someone walking down the street looking at their phone, it was reasonable to assume they were searching for Pokemon.  It became easy to pick them out.

Initially, there was a part of me that thought, “what a dumb game.”  But as I reflected more upon it, I could see people smiling, talking to each other, getting outdoor, and overall having fun.

It was a less serious phenomenon than all of the other nasty stuff going on in the world and during our trip I had to smile at Pokemon Go for providing levity; at least for the time being.

Maybe Pokemon Go is the start for more young people getting outside, feeling sun on their face, bumping into strangers and talking, interacting with historic sites and nature, and having fun.

My take on Pokemon Go, based on what I witnessed in Montana?  It was a really nice break from the barbarism across the world.

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