Month: November 2016


What is Resilience? The short definition of resilience is: Adversity + Doing well = Resilience. A person or system is doing well, they face a traumatic event, and then in the future they are doing well again.  This ability to recoil and bounce back after […]

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What is Resistance? The word “resistance” is a noun and means to refuse to accept or comply with something.  It also means not to be affected by something, especially adversely. Roni Berger, resilience researcher, states that there are three dimensions of resilience: resistance, recovery, and […]

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What is self-reliance? I want to present a contrarian-perspective of self-reliance that is likely not what the reader is looking for. Matthew B. Crawford is perhaps one of my favorite authors and modern day philosophers.  It’s a bit unfortunate that his work is not readily […]

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