Month: January 2017

The Man in the Arena

Today, I want to share a speech that has had meaning to me for many years.  This short speech was delivered in Paris on April 23rd, 1910 by then former president Theodore Roosevelt. The speech was actually titled, Citizenship in a Republic, but later became […]

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Resilience Protective Factors 2

I agree with Buddhists and the Christians, there will be suffering in life.  The Buddha, teaching on the Four Noble truths, states in the first truth that there is suffering in life.  Christians, throughout Scripture and history, have suffered with Christ crucified. Suffering takes many […]

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Resilience Protective Factors 1

If you’ve not yet read my previous post defining what resilience is, you may want to start here. Today, I would like to write about the “ordinary magic” we may consider as it relates to resilience, especially resilience in children and students.  Remember, it’s a […]

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