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I would love to dish on Mr. Trump, but what could I say that has not been said?  The man pains me terribly.

Notwithstanding, rumor has it that Trump is going to present “Fake News” awards in the near future.  I am assuming that everything is stable in the USA and given this lag in leading the “free world,” he must have the time for Fake News Awards.  Sigh…

With the current focus on “news,” however, I would like to share my top three news sources that I turn to for reading the news.  I am not presenting fake news awards, I am presenting Real News Awards.  These are news sources that I trust and enjoy.

My top three Real News Awards go to:

  1. Associated Press News
  2. Al Jazeera News- English
  3. Counterpunch

My first Real News Award goes to Associated Press News.  The reason the AP receives this award is because of this:

The Associated Press is an independent, not-for-profit news cooperative…

I am of the opinion that Worker Cooperatives and Collectives are very strong foundational models in advancing organic, democratic socialism.  In our gradual revolution to a more generative, cooperative, and sustainable society, worker cooperatives will be important components of the socialist web of life.

I am not suggesting that AP is a worker cooperative or collective in a true sense, but there are elements of cooperation and this is important to me.  To this end, because Associated Press News is a not-for-profit, cooperative and has modeling features that I agree with, it’s my number one news source and winner of my first ever Real News Award.  I have the AP application on my phone and this is where I read the daily news.

My second Real News Award goes to Al Jazeera.  Why? Al Jazeera states this on their About page:

…challenge established narratives and give a global audience an alternative voice, one that puts people back at the center of the news agenda… provide a voice for the voiceless in some of the most unreported places on the planet.

In the USA, the elite, the big money, the capitalists, own the media and they create the narratives for society; manufactured consent as Chomsky would say.  These owners of media are not ultimately going to vote against their economic best interest by establishing societal narratives that run contrary to capitalist principles.  Therefore, I find value in reading news from a state-funded broadcaster in Doha, Qatar.

Another reason, I want to know how Muslims see the world and how their narratives are similar and different than mine.  I want to read these different narratives, to know how other people think.  For example, maybe those outside the USA have a more objective perspective on us than we are able to see from inside the system.

I have found in reading Al Jazeera that how an event in the USA is presented in, say, The New York Times, is remarkably different than how the same event is reported from Al Jazeera.  The facts are the same, but the framing is different.  I like this.

Finally, my third Real News Award goes to Counterpunch is not like traditional news.  What is presented are articles, usually of some length  (500-2,000 words), from authors-scholars around the world writing on topics that are left-leaning.  Some of the authors are hard-core and they do counter-punch hard.  One will definitely get a counter perspective by reading the various articles presented at CounterpunchCounterpunch is reader supported.

The penetration of thinking like a money-centered capitalist hits us from every angle at all times.  We have no idea that there are different ways of thinking, different ways of organizing the workplace, and different ways of reading and understanding the news.  To wake up to being people-centered takes discipline and effort.

Yes, it’s true that I will usually take a buzz through the Washington Post, Reuters, CNN, and the like to gain an idea of the overall daily narrative being presented by the elite.  What do they want me to know and think today, how am I being programmed?

From there, I will turn to my go to news sources to do some deeper reading.


Having shared my three favorite news sources above and presenting the Real News Awards, I submit that I am reading news less often.

I ordered two magazine subscriptions over the holidays- Dissent and Jacobin– and what I hope to do is more deep diving into genuine scholarship and writing.

In addition to the magazines listed above, I am reading more books that have meaning to me.  I’m reading books that help fill in information gaps and offer considerations on alternative economic models.  At present I am reading Worker Cooperatives and Revolution: History and Possibilities in the United States by Chris Wright.  It’s excellent.

In closing, I hope everyone understands how serious the president’s attacks on the media are.  I hope that the link between freedom of the press and freedom in society is understood.  It’s clear to me that we are toeing a very dangerous line in the USA and our democratic structures are barely holding.

Living in a cooperative society where people matter and are cared for, where people do real work that has meaning in their lives, where people participate in the democratic process, where people really are free, is my vision.  Rogue capitalism is not going to get us there and we have to learn to break from it where we can.

It’s the small daily actions of the mass of people that will make the difference, even if turning to news sources that are cooperative or alternative.  I encourage you, dear reader, to consider where you read your news and to do a little research to see if the owner has your interests in mind.

For those interested in left-leaning news sources that are reputable, I offer the following:

If you were presenting your Real News Awards today, to whom would you award?

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