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You Might Be a Socialist If…

Today I simply want to write something that’s been on my mind.  What’s on my mind is the subtle, evolving and promising language of “the revolution.”  I do not believe there is going to be a sudden, cataclysmic revolution (though there could be).  Rather, I […]


Socialism, The Chief Cornerstone

I was out walking this morning, cool crisp air, thinking in my mind, as the sun began to rise over Montana.  It was quiet of vehicle traffic and the birds were active, chirping and tweeting, and their songs settled on the icy roads and snow-covered […]


Real News Awards

I would love to dish on Mr. Trump, but what could I say that has not been said?  The man pains me terribly. Notwithstanding, rumor has it that Trump is going to present “Fake News” awards in the near future.  I am assuming that everything […]

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The Socialists Ten Commandments

The Socialist Ten Commandments It is not cool to use the term socialism or communism in the United States. Socialism gets a bad rap. Perhaps socialism is not cool because it’s a system that organizes society around humanity, and this, sadly, conflicts with capitalism.  At […]


Shop Class as Soul Craft

Matthew Crawford writes a great treatise on the value of manual labor and the trades in his book Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work. I just finished my second reading of this book, having read it a few years ago.  […]

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I have become a socialist

This is free writing this morning, so grab your coffee, sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride. I am fairly certain that at mid-life, I have become a socialist.  I am being serious, and I don’t find this distressing at all; in fact I […]

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Sitting with the Communists

I have a good friend whom I hike with every so often.  My friend is a commercial airline pilot, a retired General from the United States military.  I’ll call my friend “Shane” for the purpose of this blog post. Shane is an enigma to me.  […]

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Working Man’s Poetry

Carl Sandburg, born 1878, worked as an organizer for the Wisconsin Social Democratic Party and as secretary to Milwaukee’s first Socialist mayor, 1910-1912.  The Wisconsin Social Democratic Party later became the state affiliate for the Social Democratic Party of America, which later became a political […]

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