Greetings!  My name is KC and this is my personal weblog.  Below is a little bit more about me.

I have been married 25 years to a wonderful, forgiving, and patient woman.  As my wife ages, she grows more beautiful and graceful.  She smiles more and hugs me more. I have ideas all of the time and my wife has been incredibly patient as I have explored life and made mistakes along the way.  I am thankful and appreciative for her.  I love her.

We have a small tribe of kids who make us happy and proud.  I love my children unconditionally.  I was taught unconditional love from my mother who loved me even when I was a teenage punk-rocker with a mohawk rebelling against everything.  I am enjoying watching my not so rebellious children grow up and engage life.  They are each different in their own special way and as they bring their talents to life it’s a joy as a father to sit back and watch and help them when asked for help.  IMG_0167

I retired from the fire department a few years ago and became a teacher.  During my career, I worked as a firefighter, paramedic, captain, battalion chief, and division chief with a suburban, career fire department. I loved my firefighting career, as I love teaching and my students today.  I have been fortunate to have jobs that are pleasing to my soul.  Public jobs, serving the commons and the people.

Growing up in fire stations, I learned to cook.  You have to know how to cook in a fire station or you will get voted off the island.  Soups are my favorite meal and the meal I most enjoy cooking.  An African proverb says that good soup will wake the dead.  I believe it.  Pair a good soup with local artisan bread from a mom-and-pop bakery, get a nice, hearty cheese, and man, what else is there?  Well, craft beer.  There are so many good craft beers to choose from these days.

I have always loved animals, but in particular dogs. I can think back through my life and I have always had a dog- Muffin, Tasha, Gizmo, Winky, Snoopy, Bear Bear.  One can’t believe everything they read, but I have read that families with dogs are happier families.  My experience tells me this is true.  My current dog is Bear Bear, a Shih Tzu with a lion’s heart.  I love this guy.

My favorite activities are pretty geeky.  I read books, snow ski, walk, ride bikes, blog, and cook.  Of course I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

In writing, may I find my deeper voice and may it be meaningful.